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Animal Games Greedy Rabbit
Feed the white rabbit cabbage,eggplants and carrots in greedy rabbit game! this animal game challenge you to collect 3 stars in each level. You should hop towards stars during eating fresh foods and jump into bubbles to win the game and move to next mission. Use your keyboard to control in rabbit's moving. Avoid guillotines and spikes! to save your rabbit's life.

Greedy Rabbit

Euro Cup Games Heads Arena: Euro Soccer
Play and compete against the hero of score champions in Heads Arena: Euro Soccer game! You can play in some different mode in this game like 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 or solo mode. Choose your favorite team from among a group of European teams and try to kick the ball strongly to score many goals and achieve the win to your team. Join a friend or play against each other outscore every team in Heads Arena: Euro Soccer! Play using your keyboard to move the players and click space to kick the ball.

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer

HTML5 Games Jelly Rock Ola
Move candies to convert it to win points in Jelly Rock Ola! This 2048 game lets you to Combine treats together. Your mission is to integrate every matching jelly. There are glazed cookies ,donuts, chocolate, and other sugary snacks. Use your mouse to move candy to correct place that contains on similar candy. Try to win all levels of the game and enjoy with many presents that you will get it during the play.

Jelly Rock Ola

Cars Games The Great Stanmobile Escape
Drive your El Diablo car and avoid stone balls to save your car and get away from Agent Power! Pick up the animals and try to jump during the car chase. Collect the yellow fish which help you to drive your car like rockets and crash all baffles in your way. Use arrows up and down in your keyboard to control the car moving. You should get the fixing icon that make all necessary repairs to your car.

The Great Stanmobile Escape

Disney Games The Walking Doof
Fighting mad chemist who invented the drug turns people into zombies all to use them to control the city. Use guns and place them in a manner strategy Court to be able to prevent the zombies from reaching the city. Use the girl combatants in the defense of the city and eliminate the zombie army. You should stop the pharmacists from overtaking to win game. Kill a large number of zombies to score many winning points. Use your mouse to control in the moving of your girls

The Walking Doof

Car Racing Games Extreme Off Road Rush
Drive your car and compete on a first position and try to beat the Baja racers in Extreme Off-Road Rush! Lightning and the Baja racers will take a wrong turn and they are heading through toughest trail in the Rolling Hills. Help Lightning McQueen to win in every race in Radiator Springs such as Rolling Hills, Tailpipe Caverns, and Enchanted Forest. collect coins during the race and try to get the winning score before finishing of the tricky courses. Play using your keyboard to control in your car.

Extreme Off Road Rush

3D Games Yeti Sensation
Run fast and eat more berries to get the winning score in the game. Yeti Sensation! invite you to enjoy by many adventures across the Arctic. This game is one of 3D arcade game that challenges you to dodge dangerous boulders,broken bridges,traps, and Snowballs. Run quickly an don't hit in the cages and flash's camera , Use the keyboard or your mouse in the play.

Yeti Sensation

Arcade Games Smarty Bubbles X-mas Edition
Clear the starry sky to enjoy withe a snowy night in Smarty Bubbles X-Mas Edition! Create 3 clusters of similar bubbles to make them disappear and convert them into winning points. Use your mouse and pop the colored bubbles before the ending time of the game. Be accurate during shooting of colored bubbles so as don't make a mistake and hit them in the wrong place ,that lead to increased colored rows and lose a lot of points and reach to game over.

Smarty Bubbles X-mas Edition

Bubble Games Red and Green 2
deliver the delicious candy to the green and red monster! Use the soft cannonballs and launch them at every monster to move them towards the yummy candy to win the game. Make the monster grow up by make them satisfied. Earn 3 stars to win perfectly in the levels. Use your mouse to click on the shooter and direct it towards the monsters.

Red and Green 2

HTML5 Games Monster Temple
Monster Temple! is the best matching game need to using your intelligence to can solve the puzzle pf it. Make the brutalizes disappear from temple to reap more points that make you winner of the game. Slide entries columns and rows and try to make 3 matching creatures on the same line to remove them and appear the green squares. Repeat this until you finish from all monsters. Play using your mouse to move and switch the matching monster's places.

Monster Temple

Frozen Games Anna’s Nail Salon
In Anna's Nail Salon! give a beautiful manicures on nail's customer. First, you must use nail polish remover to scissor excess nails, then Use soap and moisturizer to clear the customer's hands. Put some eiva cream to make the hands more smoothly. Use the water to wash it and choose your favorite color to paint your nails or put small drawings. Play using your mouse. Try to earn many coins which customers paid to you before ending time of the game.

Anna’s Nail Salon

Ball Games Crazy Free kick
Choose a favorite team of you from six national soccer teams like Brazil, Argentine,France, England, and Italia which participate in the world Cup Championship. shoot the ball in the difficult corner to prevent the goal keeper from bodice it. Use your mouse to control of the ball's moving and the height of it too. Show your skills to the fans and try to score more goals to be the top in the game. You must score more than 3 goals to be the winner and To ensure qualify for final round of the champion.

Crazy Free kick

Cartoon Network Games Elmore Breakout
Build small bridges to help Gumball in escaping from his school and be accurate in the building of the length of bridges. score many points to be able to choose your favorite character from The Amazing World of Gumball like Darwin, Nicole, and Larry from the scratch card. Elmore Breakout game is played by your mouse. Wear your focus glass during the play to see perfectly and don't forget to collect a large number of coins which you find them in your way.

Elmore Breakout

Arcade Games Star Wars Arcade
Spend your time with a lot of war stars adventures war stars and thrills in outer space in the Star Wars Arcade game. Firstly you must get tokens on your decoration's room. then design new model of the ghost ship and prepare for competitive fun. In Team Tactics, you can train with Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb on Lothal!

Star Wars Arcade

Block Games Cute Puzzle Witch
Detonate your tiles using your Intelligence to solve the puzzle of game. Use your mouse to click on a lot of different magical tiles which apparent in front of you in the Cute Puzzle Witch game like hats,stars, and bows. You able to burst bombs to clear large number of tiles and create a wide area. Slow the time of game by hit the snowflake to can make more movies that help you to score many points and win your level easily.

Cute Puzzle Witch

Cake Games Cake Topping
Use the cake to make a high tower into the sky. Stack the layers of the towering dessert and try to put the layers on top of each other perfectly in order to avoid cutting the cake and reduce its size. Cake Topping game is one of online games that test your intelligence and your speed in the play. Make a big score of points for allowed to you to enter to the levels of the game. Play using the left click or your keyboard.

Cake Topping

HTML5 Games Hextris
Put the color on the edges of hexagon to clear the puzzle and score many points. Collect the 3 simpler color on top of each to convert them into win points makes you the winner. You must be fast in the play to be able to match color together to make a score. Rotate your hexagon using your keyboard to arrange your colors in the correct order. at Hextris you should combine at least 3 pieces on top or next to each other to win.


Candy Crush Games Fruity Party
swap fruits to solve the puzzle and score many points that make you winner. Move the fruits trying to arrange each 3 fruits beside them to convert the into points. In Fruity Party will find many kinds of fruit such as apples and bananas, grapes and oranges. The disco ball will zap every tile featuring a certain type of fruit. Fruity Party game is played by your mouse that used to click on the fruit to swap it.

Fruity Party

Arcade Games Snake 3310
Looking for black square and make the snake pit it to increase their long. Try to eat the black square that contain of a large amount of food without pit himself. Snake 3310 game is consider one of great pixel game which is characterized by simple graphic. Use your keyboard to control to the snake moving. Score much points that make you the winner of this game. Avoid the shock in the wall and don't bite your tail until lead you to the end of the game.

Snake 3310

Board Games Mystical Birdlink
In Mystical Birdlink game you will find collection of ancient tiles in order random, You should match all twins tiles together. Connect pairs of free tiles to clear and convert them into points. You will earn some minutes are added to to the clock of the game when you match two similar tiles together. If you take too long, a hint will appear. Blockers cannot be matched. Use your left click during the play to make connection with the blocks. You should be smart to can solve the challenge puzzle of the game.

Mystical Birdlink

Arcade Games Sparkanoid
Use your small ball to blast all colorful blocks in the sky. Sparkanoid! is one of famous Arkanoid game which challenges you to hit every brick quickly. Don't allow the ball to cross the yellow line so as not to lose your level. Use the aides that comes to you during playing to slow down time of game to be able to achieve all things easier. Way of playing is : using the mouse to move the paddle back and forth to prevent ball from the fall and knock it again.


Disney Games Sofia the First: The Buttercups Forest Adventure
The beautiful (Sandy) had recently joined to the Scouts and she has several tasks must be carried out to win the crown. On each level, you must do all tasks to get the diamond ,and when you finish the twelve levels you, will get the twelve diamonds and get the golden crown . Carry out your tasks using the mouse. When you make any mistake ,sandy will be sad . Do your best to do all tasks Correctly. Don't forget that you have a specific time and you may get an over time during playing.

Sofia the First: The Buttercups Forest Adventure

Ben 10 Games Ben 10 Forest Birds Hunting
We all love ( Ben 10 ) the hero who transforms into many characters and fight the enemies on different ways. But we can't forget that he is a young man and he want to live his childhood. He is now catching birds, he must catch one type of birds , and if he can't do it ,he will lose. Use the right and left directions at the keyboard to guide the arrow and use the button space to fire the arrow. Do not forget that (Ben 10) doesn't like that losing, on the war or on playing . enjoy your time with (Ben 10) and help him to get high scores to move to the next level.

Ben 10 Forest Birds Hunting

Disney Games Fairy Tale Forest Adventures
(Goldie and the Little Bear ) love helping her friends on their work. Help them doing that. During your journey you will meet a lot of friends , everyone of them has a job should complete it, but he can't do it alone, so you should help him. On each stage there will be instructions ,you should follow it to finish the work quickly. Use the mouse to play and help friends to become happy .Enjoy your time on this adventure game . You have to be patient, speed and accurate.

Fairy Tale Forest Adventures

Adventure Games Snowball Champions
This is a special type of fighting games. on this game you must kill all enemies using snowballs, firstly you have to direct the ball to the direction of the enemy, then fire it strongly. On your way to fire the ball Collect gold coins to give you more energy and help you to move to the next level .you have to kill all of the enemies before the time runs out and when you finish killing all of the enemies ,you will move to the next level. Use the mouse to direct the ball by clicking on the left button of the mouse and leave it to fire the ball quickly and kill the enemies .

Snowball Champions

Adventure Games Forest Adventure
The small Bear had to enter the dangerous forest, so you should help him to pass the risks and barriers that hinder his way . you should rely on your speed on this game to skip the other bears and all the other risks . Use the mouse to move the bear and direct him and keep him out of the risks. Collect the stars and do your best to pass the forest quickly before the time runs out and move to the next level without dying. Enjoy this adventure game and do your best on it. make sure that you collect all the stars .

Forest Adventure

Action Games Brave Squad
Help the brave hero to defeat the evil creatures and overcome the greatest number of them. In each level you must defeat the specified number of monsters. Don't forget that you have a specified amount of energy, and with every blow you receive , you will lose some energy, so you should watch out because if all energy finish you will lose the battle. Use the mouse to move the hero and make him kill monsters by several blows with his sword. When all of the energy finish, go to the camp and get your energy again. Try to keep your energy up to move to the next level.

Brave Squad

HTML5 Games Groovy Ski
You have to skate quickly on the ice and avoid the collision with the wall. Use the mouse to move on the middle of the road and try to control your balance and collect all Skiers on your way to move to the next level. Show your skills on snowboarding , and try to pass the road fast to move to the following levels and collect more stars. Each level is harder than the previous one so you should improve your skills. This game need you to be have more intelligence and speed.

Groovy Ski

Cooking Games Kitchen Slacking
Sarah is a new cooker and she took lessons in cooking to open her own restaurant. Now she wants to apply what she learned .Help her in that and beware ,if the chef see you ,you will lose and get fired from the restaurant . You must finish cooking before the end of the time. Use the mouse to cook the food and don't forget to feed the cat. You must prove that (Sarah) is a professional cooker and help her to prepare a delicious food that please the customers and makes the chief feel satisfied .

Kitchen Slacking

Arcade Games Tetra
This game is based on intelligence and speed of thought. You should create a row or column - without any space between them - from the colorful shapes that fall from the surface. Use the directions or the keyboard buttons (a, w, d and s). Use the space to change the direction of the shape during the falling. But beware if the shapes reach to the surface you will lose. With each row or column will form you will get more coins and move to the next level, and each level will be more difficult than the previous one .


1010 Games Frozen 10
This game is based on your intelligence and your ability to think to can put shapes next to each other from the down,up,right or left to form a row or column and the row or the column will fade and you will get high scores. But don't forget that you have a specified number of movements on each level you shouldn't overtake them to win the level and move to the next level. Help Anna to win on this game so as not to be sad . Use the mouse to move the shapes and put them on the place you want. on each movement you will have three forms choose the appropriate form and put it on its place.

Frozen 10

Adventure Games Stick Hero 2
The Black Ninja needs help to complete his mission. Enemies had destroyed his way and we should help him to success on his mission. During your journey you must collect red emerald to get high scores and move to higher levels. You must move between each edge and the other by building a bridge over the length of the distance between the edges .the bridge mustn't be more than or less than the specified distance So as not to lose. Use the mouse to build the bridge And control its length.

Stick Hero 2

Business Games Emily’s New Beginning
Emily and Patrick had a new baby and they need more money, so she decided to open a restaurant . Patrick takes care of the baby and at the same time Emily takes the customers orders and prepare it quickly ,but beware each customer have four hearts. You should prepare the order before the end of the four hearts. Because if that happens , the customer will be angry and will leave the restaurant .use the mouse to prepare the order by pressing on the required thing.

Emily’s New Beginning

Basketball Games Basket Ball Master
I've never seen a beautiful game like this . this game is based on the ability to audit and straighten the ball . on each level , it will be harder for you to score any goal . so you should do your best on each level . the first level will be easy for you .but when you move to the next level you will face some difficulties . use the mouse to control the ball and hit it to the basket to score a goal . each goal you record will make you move to the next level . try to show your skills on the pitch .

Basket Ball Master

Farm Games Farm Day
The little farmer wants to grow his farm but he doesn't have any money to do that . but fortunately ,today is the farm day and you can buy the things you want from the market . so he decided to sell his old things to earn some money in order to buy the things he want . each thing you want have a specific price. there is a list of things that you must collect to move to the next level , don't forget that you have a specific time for each level . if you finish the level quickly ,you will get three stars . you should collect all coins you see . use the mouse to click on the things you want .

Farm Day

Adventure Games Alfy
The little Alfy have 3 powerful brothers and he wants to be powerful like them. so he decided to get the flower which would make him stronger . on your way to the flower, you should collect the stars . use the directions to control Alfy or use the buttons (A,W and D ) enjoy this adventure game and help Alfy to achieve his dream and be strong like his brothers .on this game you can show your skills on Jumping over long distances . although Alfy is small ,you will discover how powerful he is on this game.


Detective Games Apothecarium
imagine yourself an inspector and they ask you to solve this difficult case, because of your intelligence and your cleverness . firstly you should collect the evidences from the crime scene to solve this case . but beware you have a specific time , you should collect the evidences before the end of that time . use the mouse to press on the required evidences . you must be proud of your self when you solve the case . this game is based on The excitement and the Suspense .


Dress Up Games Elsa Make Over
the beautiful Elsa has an important occasion and she want to be the most beautiful princess on this occasion .but she can't do that by herself and need your help. so you should do your best to make her very beautiful . firstly ,put her the make up and lenses then, choose the appropriate accessories then choose the dress for this occasion. at the end , you will be proud of the look that Elsa will reach to . Do all of that using your mouse or keyboard during the play .

Elsa Make Over

Adventure Games Power Jumper
this game is an adventure game. you should help the red bird reach the watermelon slice , on your way to the watermelon slice you should get the bunches of bananas . to get high scores . but beware not to fall down on the ground. use the mouse to press on the directions that appear on the screen to move the bird . on each level you pass, you will have 3 stars and get high scores .

Power Jumper

Dinosaur Games Dino steak
The dinosaur (Dino) hates vegetables very much but he is a big lover of meat ,so on this game he wants to eat the largest amount of meat on each level . you should press on Dino to move him and make him jump up enjoy this funny game and help Dino to enjoy his lunch too . do your best to collect the meat . show your skills on this adventure game and collect the meat on the shortest possible time .

Dino steak

Dress Up Games Wedding Lily 2
Today isn't a normal day for (Lili) because it's her wedding day and she want it to be a special day and she want to be like princess she love . help (Lili) on everything related to this special day and do your best to make her happy . firstly , put her the make-up that make her more beautiful . then choose her the beautiful white dress and the right shoes and do her a photo session .finally, choose the right place for the wedding and enjoy your time .Use your experience on the fashion world on this girls game.

Wedding Lily 2

Adventure Time Games Jake And Finn’s Candy Dive
We all love the two funny cartoon characters (Jack and Finn). So we should help them to collect the bars of candy and we should avoid hammers. And while diving on the space we will meet some friends who will help us on our journey. we can use (jack) as a parachute in order to help us to rise up. Collect the biggest amount of the bars of candy that will give you more energy to move to the next level . Use the keyboard to move( Jack and Finn) using the left and right keyboard buttons.

Jake And Finn’s Candy Dive

Arcade Games Circle Circus
help the small robot to collect all of the jewelry from the circles that related to each other. But beware of hitting the sign on your way and be careful not to get out of the circles so as not to lose. Use the mouse to move the robot and press the mouse outside the circle to make the robot move out the circle. Collect more Jewelry to get more energy and move to the next level quickly. This game is based on your speed and your intelligence. enjoy this adventure game.

Circle Circus

Board Games Mahjong Relax
use your note strength on this game to move to the next level on the shortest possible time. You should press on each two similar pieces and they will disappear to leave a space for the other pieces .when all similar pieces disappear ,you will move to the next level . it's better for you to pass the level quickly . but be ready to the next level because each level is more difficult than the previous one .use the mouse to choose the piece you want and press on it. Show your skills on this intelligence game.

Mahjong Relax

Arcade Games Panda Love
It's known that the panda avoids social ralations so as not consume his energy .so panda always feel lonely and sad ,put guess what !! He decided to look for his true love which would make him feel happy .and this isn't easy .he is facing alot of difficulties and obstacles on his way .help this poor panda to reach his true love .use the keyboard to control the panda . It is possible to lose once, but do not give up and try again and you will win the game and the poor panda will win his true Love and Will live happily forever.

Panda Love

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